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last updated 19-Aug-2020
  News articles and special reports related to cyber warfare: cyber warfare has fast evolved into a new realm of warfare. Even the comparatively localized attempts identified so far have shown how disruptive they can be. It is also currently difficult to assess the potential consequences of the systematic use of warfare techniques during a major armed conflict - a nightmarish scenario that is yet to materialize. At the same time, there is a thin line separating some large scale cyber attacks targeting particular countries or national institutions and what could be at some point in the future be considered "acts of cyber warfare." This new sections focuses on all these scenarios.  


Azerbaijan's president threatens war with Armenia via Twitter. President Ilham Aliyev issues social media tirade after bloody clashes in disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, which both sides claim as their own. By Enjoli Liston, The Guardian, August 7, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE



China's military to drill on digitalized forces. The People's Liberation Army (PLA) will conduct an exercise in June 2013 to test new types of combat forces including units using digital technology amid efforts to adjust to informationalized war. Xinhua, May 29, 2013: TEXT



South Korea Cyber Attack Originated From Chinese IP: Report. "We've identified that a Chinese IP is connected to the organizations affected," a spokesman for South Korea's Communications Commission told a press conference. By Reuters, Huffington Post, March 20, 2013: TEXT

South Korea on alert for cyber-attacks after major network goes down. Computer systems of banks and broadcasters are interrupted, with fingers immediately pointed at North Korea. By Tania Branigan, The Guardian, March 20, 2013: TEXT | VIDEO


South Korea Cyber Warfare Command to Be Launched in January. The Defense Security Command said the country's military computer networks faced about 95,000 hacking attacks per day.. By Jung Sung-ki, The Korea Times, January 12, 2009: TEXT



The Israel Defense Forces form new force to combat cyber warfare. IDF has defined cyber warfare as the fifth realm of warfare, alongsideland, sea, air and space.. By Gili Cohen, Haaretz, March.4, 2013: TEXT | VIDEO | PICTURE



US military tested using Twitter to profile civilians in anti-terror scheme. In an eight-day experiment called Quantum Leap, US Special Operations Command in Washington brought together 50 government and industry participants to test how it could use IT. By Carola Hoyos and April Dembosky, The Financial Times, August 21, 2013: TEXT

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta. “Defending The Nation From Cyber Attack.” Business Executives For National Security, BENS Eisenhower Award Dinner, New York, October 11, 2012 (transcript): PDF



Cyber warfare already here, UK spy agency chief says. Iain Lobban, the director of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), said British government systems are targeted 1,000 times each month. By Michael Holden, Reuters, October 13, 2010: TEXT | PICTURE



Variant of Middle East spy virus found. “Next year will see the escalation of cyber weapons,” Eugene Kaspersky told a telecoms conference in Dubai. By Simeon Kerr, The Financial Times, October 15, 2012: TEXT




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