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Private Military Companies (contractors, firms) or PMCs

Free, expert Directory/ List of Private Military Companies (contractors, firms) by capabilities (e.g. operating in conflict zones), service sector (e.g. military training) and security solutions (e.g. maritime security). Please see the definition of PMCs we use!


Private Security Companies (contractors, firms) or PSCs

Free, expert Directory/ List of Private Security Companies (details, guards) by capabilities (e.g. armed maritime security), service sector (e.g. risk advice), and solutions (e.g. corporate security). We also cover K9 disciplines and UXO disposal.


Field Support: Transport and Logistics | Hardware and Software | Gear | Translators

Free, expert Directory/ List of Transport and Logistics Firms (air, sea, and land), Military and Security Hardware and Software Companies, Field Gear Suppliers, Field Language Contractors. For the enthusiasts and collectors, we also have a list of Militaria dealers.


Financial Support: Deployment Insurance and Management | Development & NGO Finance

Free, expert List / Directory of Insurance and Financial Services Companies offering products aimed at private military and private security personnel while on deployment. We also cover firms assisting with development and NGO finance and management.


Defense Corporations (contractors) and Outsourcing Conglomerates (contractors)

Free, expert List / Directory of Corporations focusing on Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security, Intelligence, IT, Systems Integration, and Outsourcing. Many of the corporations listed offer private military services, particularly training, as well as full spectrum field support.


Foreign and Multinational Military Units | Civilian Law Enforcement and Policing

Free, expert List / Directory of Military Units of Multinational or Multilateral Constitution, as well as Civilian Policing and law Enforcement Units. The foreign constitution of peacekeeping forces challenges perceptions of Private Military and/or Security Companies as simply mercenary forces.

MILUN: A - K | L - Z | CIVSEC: A - G | H - Z

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