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last updated 23-May-2021

List / Directory of Private Military or Security Companies (PMCs/PSCs) as well as firms in adjacent sectors focusing on services such as the disposal of unexploded ordnance (UXO), weapons and ammunitions, mine clearance, and the detection and disposal of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). You read it on the news regularly: mines and UXO cause enormous casualties and horrendous injuries in conflict and post-conflict zones. Rendering these areas safe entail a highly specialized and risky job that the companies listed can undertake.

From other sections:


Caliburn International Corp - Munitions & Environmental Remediation

Caliburn supports clients ranging from governments and militaries to humanitarian and commercial organizations with: Munitions and Explosives Management, Unexploded Ordnance and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Detection and Remediation, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Defeat, International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) Demining, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Assessments Response, Diagnostics, and Remediation, Military Munitions Construction Support, Range Sustainment, and Training, Capacity Building, and Curriculum Development. [Information retrieved from the company's website in August 2020]:


Dynasafe / Dynasafe BACTEC Ltd

Dynasafe, in business since 1991, has three business units. Demilitarization Systems fabricates and operates ecofriendly systems and plants that safely dispose of conventional and chemical munitions. Environmental Systems offers a wide variety off-gas treatment solutions, as well as treatment solutions for waste from petrochemical, pharmaceutical and demilitarization industry. Protection Systems fabricates containment chambers that allow first responders to safely contain, transport and dispose of improvised explosives, chemical and radiological devices. [Information retrieved from the company's website in August 2020]:


G4S Risk Management - Ordnance Management

We operate globally, both on and offshore supporting reconstruction and development programmes, as well as sustainable humanitarian programmes to remove the menace of landmines and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). We have completed projects for a wide range of clients, in post-conflict theatres of operations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle-East. [Information retrieved from the company's website in August 2020]:


Nammo AS - Demilitarization

Nammo, headquartered in Norway, specializes in handling excess, outdated and obsolete conventional ammunition . Our facility in Norway, Nammo NAD, offers a total destruction process which is suitable for sensitive munitions and for this we use closed detonation facilities located approximately 800m below the surface in a disused copper mine in Norway. Typically we can process around 2.5T NEQ per day making this a unique and extremely fast process. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


RONCO - ERW, UXO, Demining

Our approach to clearance merges manual deminer, mine detection dog, and mechanical technology. Pooling knowledge from different backgrounds such as the military, mine clearance, equipment support, and marketing, and finance, deployed teams of technical advisors are responsible for coordinating with host nation officials, directing logistical support, and overseeing day-to-day clearance operations. [Information retrieved from the company's website in August 2020]:


SafeLane Global - Humanitarian

Established in 1989, originally under the brand name MINECLEAR, the firm evolved to their new identity in 2018. Today, SafeLane Global enables its humanitarian clients to support those living in war-affected countries by safely disposing of explosive remnants of war - on land and in water. [Information retrieved from the company's website in August 2020]:



This is a sample list and not an exhaustive resource. While some of the entities listed above are key players and/or have been discussed in the debate on the topic, some other are emerging entities or have been incorporated into the list by request. This is a professional resource and we are simply trying to help you find the company and/or service you were looking for, be that for research or business purposes. For further information on a particular company, service, or unit, please contact the respective source.

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