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last updated 31-May-2021

List / Directory of Private Military or Security Companies (PMCs/PSCs) as well as firms in adjacent sectors focusing on canine disciplines or delivering K9 services as part of more diversified capabilities. Our canine friends actively participate in reconstruction initiatives in conflict and post-conflict zones and are also active in homeland security, narcotics-detection, and UXO disposal endeavors. If looking for a combination of services, e.g. K9 and field security, please browse other directories as there are many multidisciplinary firms.

From other sections:


Constellis - Humanitarian

As part of their Humanitarian Mine Action & Ordnance Clearance expertise, the firm can deploy explosive detection dogs (EDD) and mine detection dogs (MDD). [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


K9 Storm

Canadian firm founded by a Police Canine Handler offering protective gear for working dogs, such as custom-fit vest solutions, and other specialized products such as the K9 Storm Intruder Camera System.


Chilport (UK) Ltd

Chilport (UK)Ltd is one of the UK's leading Specialist Security Companies, specialising in Canine (K9) Disciplines training and supplying our own dogs for such activities as search and rescue (SAR) drugs dogs, bomb detection dogs (bomb dogs, bomb sniffing dogs), RASCO, narcotics detection and many other security and detection areas where dedicated dogs can be effectively deployed. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


GardaWorld - K9 Security

From screening for explosive materials to crowd control, the highly trained guard dogs on our K9 security teams play an important role. Our protection dogs support our security professionals when it comes to surveillance and crowd control. . Our K9 security detection dogs are trained to screen for explosives and narcotics in complex environments worldwide.  [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


G4S - Canine Services

G4S trains and deploys dog/handler teams to protect your business and employees, events and venues, transport and borders, custody, immigration and cargo searching as well as professional services. They firm can provide General Purpose (GP) Patrol Dogs, Narcotics Detection Dogs, Explosive Detection Dogs, and Dog and handler training. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


Hart K9

Hart K9, part of the Chelsea Group, is a premium provider of fast response Explosive Detection Dog Teams (EDDTs). Our world-class, highly trained dogs confirm or rule out the presence of hazardous explosive materials and enable your usual activities to continue with minimal or no interruption. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:


RONCO - Canine

RONCO has the ability to train, deploy, and manage canine teams and training centers in hostile environments around the world. Our dog teams are trained to detect and counter threats from explosive devices, including IEDs, car bombs, unexploded munitions and landmines, and illegal narcotics. RONCO dog teams can also provide insight on militant group involvement in unlawful, terrorist, and combat activities. [Information retrieved from the company's website in September 2020]:



This is a sample list and not an exhaustive resource. While some of the entities listed above are key players and/or have been discussed in the debate on the topic, some other are emerging entities or have been incorporated into the list by request. This is a professional resource and we are simply trying to help you find the company and/or service you were looking for, be that for research or business purposes. For further information on a particular company, service, or unit, please contact the respective source.

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