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last updated 05-Apr-2016
  List / Directory of Canine (K9) Services and Companies. Our canine friends actively participate in reconstruction initiatives in conflict and post-conflict zones. They are also active in the homeland security, narcotics-detection, and UXO disposal fields. This new space has been created to showcase the firms that focus on canine (K9) services, as well as those that train the dogs used for those dangerous jobs.  
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Directory under construction. Besides firms specializing on canine disciplines, we will soon add firms from our PMCs and PSCs directory offering similar services, if advertised.

• ACADEMI. ACADEMI has trained and deployed military working dogs (MWDs) for use in patrol, drug and explosive detection, as well as other custom functions for U.S. Government and law enforcement agencies. [Information retrieved and updated from the company's website in October 2014]:

K9 Storm. We are a privately owned Canadian company whose sole objective is to provide custom-fitted canine body armor with built -in specialty harnesses to agencies working within the security and defense sectors. [Information retrieved from Company Profile on 31 August 2010]:

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Chilport (UK) Ltd. We are one of the UK's leading Specialist Security Companies, specialising in Canine (K9) Disciplines training and supplying our own dogs for such activities as search and rescue (SAR) drugs dogs, bomb detection dogs (bomb dogs, bomb sniffing dogs), RASCO, narcotics detection and many other security and detection areas where dedicated dogs can be effectively deployed. {Information retrieved from Home on 10 September 2009]:

G4S Landmine/UXO clearance & disposal I Mine Detection Dogs: click here [contact G4S, as on their new website they have omitted this service segment]

MineTech International | Mine Detection Dogs: click here

• Zauberberg K9 Academy. We have been providing quality training and police service dogs since 1993. All of our programs start with the premise that dogs do things for their own reasons and not for ours. We tap into each dogs distinctive drives, building and reinforcing desired behavior positively:

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This is a sample list. While some of the entities listed above are key players and/or have been discussed in the debate on the topic, some other are emerging entities or have been incorporated into the list by request. For further information on a particular company, service, or unit, please contact the respective source.

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