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last updated 20-May-2021

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Image: Private Military and Security Resources
Years ago we started listings conferences and events covering private military and security issues and industry and we even sponsored a few. For reference purposes, this is an archive of past events. More >>
2016-2018 | 2013-2015 | 2010-2012
Development Assistance
Organizations offering financial services tailored for entrepreneurial minds, reconstruction initiatives, and development project. More >>
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Military Units
Military units of multinational or multilateral constitution. More >>
A - K | L - Z

Military Ecology @WordPress:

Civilian Units

...institutionalizing civilian policing and law enforcement. More >>

Discover and explore!
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— In 2021, we will continue updating and expanding the Companies directories.

— In 2021, we will brainstorm ways to re-invent the Adverse Private Forces sections in order to better capture the expanding dynamic of the field.

— We encourage the dissemination of free-access publications and resources. >> Contribute

2021: celebrates its 22nd anniversary !

Recent additions

The section is being optimized and re-organized in order to prioritized resources of research and humanitarian value. We archived directories such as the forums and adventure directories and relocated here the civilian and military units pages as well as the development assistance directory.

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Campaigns From other sections:
A selection of some interesting initiatives focusing on humanitarian projects in need of your active support . More >>
Companies: UXO disposal & mine clearance
Publications: ISOA archive
Organizations: Development Finance
PAFs: Terrorism index
Recruitment: Guidance notes QR code
Military terms
A selection of resources focusing on those elusive military terms and acronyms
Maps & satellite
Focus on cartography, maps, and satellite imagery.

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