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last updated 22-May-2021
  The growing use of PMCs/PSCs by governments commonly leads to two arguments: either the use of the private sector implies the retreat of the state from security or PMCs/PSCs are merely an enhancing component of state security. Although we do not commonly reflect about it, the same argument applies to the growing trends towards the institutionalization of civilian policing and civilian law enforcement. While not generally armed or using lethal force, neighborhood patrols or crime watch groups operating throughout the world are examples of the phenomenon.  
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Citizen Observer Patrol (Palm Beach, US). The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office established this COP volunteer program in 1989. The program has grown to over 3,500 citizens serving as the "eyes and ears" throughout unincorporated Palm Beach County. Volunteers also serve in many administrative departments across the agency, from vehicle maintenance to the crime lab, to assisting detectives:

Citizen Observer Patrol (Plum Bay and Plum Harbor, US). COP of Plum Bay and Plum Harbor and together we can be a great team. The Broward Sheriff's Office believes that with residents helping our officers spot suspicious activities, we can stop crimes before they are committed:

Citizen's Observer Patrol (Flagler County, US). This COP Program has been in existence nationally for over twenty years and was initiated in Flagler County in 1995 by Sheriff Robert E. McCarthy. During 2009, COP volunteers logged 35,700 hours of service and their contributions and dedicated service saved the community approximately $700,000 last year:

Cocoa Police Volunteer Citizen Observer Patrol (US). The Volunteer Citizen Observer Program, or V-COP. V-COPs are concerned citizens who donate their time to better their community. A V-COP is an adult who serves their community through volunteer service with the Cocoa Police Department, or may be a retired person who is looking for a way to use their years of experience and training to help their community, or younger person with a desire to help make things better:

CrimeReports (US). CrimeReports is an online resource for accurate, up-to-date crime information. The CrimeReports network offers a family of affordable, easy-to-use software tools for law enforcement agencies to understand crime trends and share current neighborhood crime data with the public:

• Crimestoppers (UK). Official website is backed by a registered charity, The Crimestoppers Trust.It is a partnership between the police, the media and the community to fight crime:

- Crimestoppers statistics > Publications

• Crime Stoppers Australia. CSA comprises a board of directors who represent their respective States or Territories as well as key members of the Government and private enterprise who are able to make a contribution to the safety of Australians:

- CSA statistics: click here

Crime Stoppers Bermuda. We are is a civilian community service and a registered Bermuda charity, which enables anyone with details of criminal activity to report such information without fear of exposure or retribution. Rewards of up to $2,000 are also offered for information leading to a successful arrest or seizure of illegal drugs and firearms. The local programme is a tri-partied programme involving Law Enforcement, Media and the Community:

Crime Stoppers Foundation India. Crimestoppers operates across India to help identify, prevent, solve and reduce crime. This invaluable community service enables anyone with details of criminal activity to pass them on anonymously, without fear of exposure or retribution:

• Crime Stoppers International. We are an umbrella organization operated by a volunteer board of directors from Crime Stoppers programs worldwide that establishes guidelines to assure consistency. The aim of Crime Stoppers International is to establish local programs in countries around the world:

East Hampshire Street Watch (UK). Street Watch is about local residents promoting good citizenship and supporting a better community by patrolling their own streets in high visibility jackets, providing reasurance and appropriately engaging in local community issues that matter most to your community:

• Guardian Angels. From neighborhood safety patrols to school programs designed to prevent bullying and raise gang awareness, The Guardian Angels have helped communities all over the world be proactive in realizing the possibility of violence prevention:

- GA New Zealand: click here - GA Japan: click here
- GA South Africa: click here - GA Peru: click here



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