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Directory / List of Private Military Companies (PMCs), Private Security Companies ( PSCs), Risk Consultancy Firms, Security and Military Contractors, as well as Defense Contractors & Corporations and Outsourcing Conglomerates in related business sectors. Please browse our directors for expert and smart security solutions: military & police training, business & defense intelligence, surveillance, asset & personnel protection, security details, maritime, risk analysis, UXO Disposal, K-9 Support, and Maritime Security. More >>
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Books: Hot off the press, recent titles and memoirs, as well as essential reading, earlier bibliography, classics, and Kindle books covering the evolution of PMCs/PSCs and the privatization of security. More >>

find us at MySpace Reading List: Academic articles, research reports, and conference papers; essentially this is an annotated bibliography of key scholarship. Private security regulation, the convergence of Security & Development, and Private Military History are among the themes we cover. To form a more balanced view, we also list Security Industry publications and regulation documents (national, international and humanitarian law).

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Top-ten books
The Markets for Force. Privatization of Security Across World Regions. Molly Dunigan and Ulrich Petersohn (eds), Penn Press, February 2015. About the book | Table of contents | About the authors
The Morality of Private War: The Challenge of Private Military and Security Companies. By James Pattison, Oxford University Press, August 2014.
Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror. By Erik Prince, Portfolio Hardcover, November 2013.
Victory for Hire: Private Security Companies' Impact on Military Effectiveness. By Molly Dunigan, Stanford Security Studies, 2011.
Private Armed Forces and Global Security: A Guide to the Issues. By Carlos Ortiz, Praeger, March 2010. About the book I Table of contents | flyer | Kindle edition | PMCs and private security cast anew: MORE>> Private Armed Forces book cover
States, Citizens and the Privatisation of Security. By Elke Krahmann, Cambridge University Press, 2010.
Private Security Contractors and New Wars: Risk, Law, and Ethics. By Kateri Carmola, Routledge, 2010.
Halliburton's Army: How a Well-Connected Texas Oil Company Revolutionized the Way America Makes War. By Pratap Chatterjee, Nation Books, 2009.
Executive Outcomes. Against all Odds. By Eeben Barlow, Galago, 2007. About the book | About Barlow and EO
Private Military and Security Companies. Chances, Problems, Pitfalls and Prospects. Edited by J. Thomas, and K. Gerhard. Wiesbaden, VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2007. About the book | Chapter outline
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Iraq war - 10 Years G4S - Olympics Security fiasco
EADS-BAE: Universal Soldier EADS-BAE failed merger Osama bin laden killed 9/11 - 10 Years
In the spotlight:
– ‘Stealth privatization’ increases risk of torture. Stars and Stripes, October 11, 2017: TEXT
– Blackwater founder Erik Prince eyes opportunities with China via Frontier Services Group, Financial Times, April 10, 2017: TEXT | PICTURE
– Rio Olympics private security screeners fired one week before the Games, July 29, 2016: TEXT | PICTURE
– Orlando Nightclub Shooting Puts G4S in Spotlight Again. The Wall Street journal, June 13, 2016: TEXT | GRAPH | PICTURE
– G4S shares plunge to seven-year low as company confirms Orlando shooter was an employee, The Telegraph, June 13, 2016: MULTIMEDIA
– Leonard Glenn Francis, the man who seduced the 7th U.S. Navy Fleet. The Washington Post, May 27, 2016: TEXT | PICTURES
– ‘Fat Leonard’ scandal swells; three more Navy figures charged. The Washington Post, May 27, 2016: TEXT | PICTURES
– Mission to airlift Jews out of Yemen heralds the end of one of oldest Jewish communities. The Independent, March 21, 2016: TEXT | PICTURES
– Leader of the opposition New Patriotic Party Nana Addo justifies importing ‘mercenaries' to Ghana. GhanaWeb, March 22, 2016: TEXT | PICTURE
– Security firms see China link to ‘smash and grab’ ransomware attacks, possibly by disgruntled spies. Reuters, Japan Times, March 15, 2016: TEXT
– Boeing is the big winner from David Cameron's defence review. The Telegraph, November 23, 2015: TEXT | PICTURES
– G4S could run 999 controls of three major British police forces (Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire). The Telegraph, November 4, 2015: TEXT | PICTURE
– U.S. Port-of-entry demands have fueled private partnerships for Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Federal Times, November 4, 2015: TEXT
– Maltese firm denies private armoury with a 200-strong contingent in the Maldives. Times of Malta, November 3, 2015: TEXT | PICTURE
– Refugee camps are the "cities of tomorrow", says humanitarian-aid expert: De Zeen, November 23, 2015: TEXT | PICTURES
– Erik Prince Proposes a Pentagon Makeover. Newsweek, December 2, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE
·– Meet G4S, the Contractors Who Go Where Governments and Armies Can’t—or Won’t: By William Langewiesche, Vanity Fair, April 2014: GO>>

– (UK) National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015. A Secure and Prosperous United Kingdom. London, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, November 2015 (Cm 9161): PDF | Launch page: HTML

– (U.S.) Quadrennial Defense Reviews 2014. Washington, D.C., March 4, 2014: PDF | 2014 QDR Fact Sheet (PDF)
– Statement on attack in Orlando, Florida. G4S, June 12, 2016: TEXT
– Simon Mann - Mercenary: BBC Hardtalk, December 21, 2011: TEXT | AUDIO
Adverse Private Forces
A dichotomy in the private realm has emerged whereby PMCs/PSCs legitimately collaborate with state forces and multilateral actors. These 'security partnerships'(*) deter and counteract the predatory advances of Adverse Private Forces or APFs such as International Terrorist Organizations, Rebels and Insurgents, Pirates, Mafias, and Drug Trafficking Organizations. More >>
(*) Based on argument put forward in Private Armed Forces and Global Security.
Recent additions to APFs:
read about our enterprise TERRORISM > EUROPE
GERMANY: Inquiry accuses German police of 'sloppiness' in Anis Amri case, who drove a truck into a Berlin Christmas market. Deutsche Welle, October 10, 2017: MULTIMEDIA
BARCELONA ATTACK : Barcelona attack: police officers at scene after suspect shot dead – video. The Guardian, August 21, 2017: VIDEO | Who are the Barcelona suspects? BBC News, August 22, 2017: TEXT | PICTURES | Lo que se sabe del atentado en Barcelona y Cambrils. El Pais, Agosto 23, 2017: TEXTO | FOTOS
FRANCE: French police arrest suspect after car ploughs into soldiers patrolling Paris. France 24, August 10, 2017: TEXT | PICTURE
LONDON BRIDGE ATTACK: Within eight minutes suspects were dead: timeline of the London Bridge attack. The Guardian, June 4, 2017: MULTIMEDIA | 'It was a rampage': witnesses describe horror of London terrorist attacks. The Guardian, June 4, 2017: MULTIMEDIA | Who were the attackers? BBC News, June 7, 2017: MULTIMEDIA:
MANCHESTER CONCERT ATTACK: What happened in the Manchester terror attack: Everything we know so far. Manchester Evening News, May 25, 2017: MULTIMEDIA | Manchester Attack: Terror at the Arena. BBC ONE: Panorama, May 29, 2017: TV
read about our enterprise TERRORISM > NORTH AMERICA
CHARLOTTESVILLE CAR ATTACK: Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Virginia attack ‘the definition of domestic terrorism’. New York Post, August 14, 2017: TEXT | PICTURE |Shocking drone footage shows Charlottesville attack from above. Metro UK, August 14, 2017: TEXT | PICTURES | SOCIAL MEDIA
read about our enterprise TERRORISM ASIA:
QUETTA HOSPITAL ATTACK: Jihadists Kill Dozens in Pakistan Hospital Attack. The Wall Street Journal, August 9, 2016: TEXT | VIDEO | MAP | Understanding the context of Quetta attack in Pakistan. AlJazeera, August 10, 2016: TEXT | PICTURE | VIDEO
DHAKA CAFE ATTACK: Dhaka cafe attack ends with 20 hostages among dead. The Guardian, July 3, 2016: MULTIMEDIA | The Bangladesh bakery attackers. July 4, 2016: TEXT | PICTURE
read about our enterprise TERRORISM LATIN AMERICA
Brazil arrests 'amateur' group accused of Olympics terror plot. Reuters, July 21, 2016: TEXT | PICTURE
read about our enterprise MILITARY COUPS
TURKEY ATTEMPTED COUP: Turkey coup: Who was behind Turkey coup attempt? BBC News, July 17, 2016: MULTIMEDIA | Turkish coup attempt: what is the Gülenist movement? The Guardian, July 16, 2016: VIDEO | Turkey's post-coup sees thousands of arrests, suspensions. . Deutsche Welle, July 19, 2016: TEXT | VIDEO
read about our enterprise SOUTH CHINA SEA CONFLICT
Permanent Cout of Arbitration. The Tribunal Renders Its Award: THE SOUTH CHINA SEA ARBITRATION. (THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES V. THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA). Press Release, The Hague, July 12, 2016: PDF
read about our enterprise UPRISING - NORTH AMERICA
DALLAS PROTEST SHOOTING: How the Attack on the Dallas Police Unfolded. New York Times, July 8, 2016: TEXT | MAPS | PICTURES | Dallas police shooting: Micah Johnson was 'lone shooter' – as it happened. The Guardian, July 9, 2016: MULTIMEDIA | More than 250 people have been fatally shot by police officers in the first three months of 2016. The Washington Post, 2016: TEXT | PICTURES
read about our enterprise INSURGENCY > SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA

,Hundreds killed' as South Sudan rivals clash. BBC News, 10 July 2016: VIDEO | South Sudan: Who's Behind South Sudan's Return to Fighting? AllAfrica, July 11, 2016: TEXT | PICTURE

read about our enterprise TERRORISM > MIDDLE EAST
IRAQ: KARRADA SHOPPING DISTRICT BOMBING: Bombing that killed more than 200 deadliest attack in Baghdad in years. CNN, July 4, 2016 , 2016: MULTIMEDIA |Abadi orders security to stop using ‘magic wands’ to detect explosives. Rudaw, July 4, 2016: TEXT | PICTURE
TURKEY: ATATURK AIRPORT ATTACK: Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: 41 dead and 239 injured in 'hideous' suicide bombings in Turkey. The Telegraph, June 29, 2016: MULTIMEDIA | Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: Eyewitness accounts. . BBC News, June 29, 2016: MULTIMEDIA
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Private Military Ecology
— Homo Iratus: The dawn and dusk of the Anglo-American liberal project? June 3, 2017: @WordPress
— To Brexit or not: The hollow European Union referendum debate and state security. June 6, 2016: | @WordPress
— The Theory of Shock and Awe: Anarchism and Terrorism Taken to the Extreme. November 19, 2015: @WordPress

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· ISSE (Information Security Solutions Europe) 2016: Securing Future European Business: Paris, France, November 15-16, 2016: MORE>>
· Underwater Defence & Security 2017: Portsmouth, UK, January 24-26, 2017: MORE>>
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Directory / List of International Organizations, Regional Organizations, NGOs, as well as security and development institutions within the United Nations. These multilateral entities deal regularly with private security issues. Find also a selection of development Institutions, governmental departments, maritime organizations, security industry associations, think-tanks, university projects, and news agencies. More >>
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