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last updated 11-Oct-2021
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At Private Military Ecology we explore unfolding trends and alternative futures for the use and understanding of Private Military and/or Security Companies and services. Late in 2013, we opened shop at WordPress --a nicer, cleaner and more elegant experience. At @ WordPress we discuss the wider 21st century security environment in addition to private military and security issues. However, please note that Private Military Ecology @ Blogger is actually our oldest blog space and we have posted many items there that you will not find elsewhere.



Contingent diplomacy, Conditional engagement, and Over-the-horizon strikes: a triad underpinning Joe Biden’s defense and foreign policy, October 10 , 2021

lThe Remarks by President Biden on the End of the War in Afghanistan already outlined what will be three of the pillars of American Defense and Foreign Policy for years to com: Contingent diplomacy, Conditional engagement, and Over-the-horizon strikes. However, the grand strategy is to lay down the groundwork needed for a possible confrontation with China. Will these pillars withstand the stress caused by such an event? That is a question that no one can currently answer, not even Biden himself...



The Afghan Evacuation Crisis, Intelligence or Political Failure? Likely a Mix of Both? August 29, 2021

lCountless volumes will be written about the last few weeks of the U.S.-led military mission in Afghanistan and the evacuation crisis that engulfed it. It would be easier to wait for the last airlift plane to take to the skies before writing anything about it. However, we hope that the three separate views in this article will help the reader to start thinking critically about what went wrong and the lessons that must be learned..


Afghanistan thumbnail

The Fall of Afghanistan: A New Private Military Bonanza or the Dwindling of the Private Security Cover? August 18, 2021

Along with the rapid and tumultuous recapture of Afghanistan by the Taliban since U.S. President Joe Biden announced in mid-April the withdrawal of American troops from the country by September 11th, 2021, there has been a debate about the role security contractors will play in the future of the country. A key question some experts attempt to answer is if, moving forward, we will see more of less security contractors deployed, Secondly, what type of contractors are likely to be deployed, e.g., the Blackwater type, the Wagner Group type, the Chinese variant, or ICoCA certified type of firms.  



To invade or not to invade Taiwan now? That is China’s President Xi Jinping’s most pressing question, May 2, 2021

Albeit a little tardy, but will the world assimilate the meaning and implications of Chinese actions in Hong Kong or Xinjiang and react accordingly? This is unlikely, as dealing with the pandemic has become any country’s number one priority and whatever happens in Hong Kong and Xinjiang is like the background echo of the new status quo. To China’s advantage, again, they escaped the pandemic largely unscathed. Does China need to continue exercising and rehearsing taking control of Taiwan? The answer is probably not.



Systemic insecurity in the Covid-19 Depression world. Can people cope with a perpetual global financial downturn?, May 10, 2020

As it seems lessons will never be actually learned, one needs to assume that protracted low and medium levels of violence and insecurity will become the new normal in the Covid-19 Depression world, part of the local folklore. Only a critical change of the global mindset, a revolutionary movement seriously addressing inequality, environmental degradation, and political unaccountability can reverse this violent cycle.



Homo Iratus: The dawn and dusk of the Anglo-American liberal project?, June 3,, 2017

The Anglo-American Homo Iratus fantasizes about the re-engineering of global trade rules in a manner they can continue extracting more benefits from the world economy than newcomers and emerging giants, and the rest of the world broadly. The U.S. remains the richest and most powerful nation in the planet. Yet, the message Trump’s America has sent to the world is that the number one position is no longer good enough and they want more. It is delusional, but there is also a generational rift at play here. :



The EU Federation of Planets: Between aspiration, hope, and reality, December 9, 2016

There are two dimensions to the EU project. One dimension centers upon shared humanitarian goals and the desire to spread them across the planet. Hence, Jean-Claude Juncker stressed in his 2015 State of the Union speech that Europe, being “the wealthiest and most stable continent in the world,” is a beacon of hope. The other dimension of the EU project, sometimes at odds with the ‘beacon of hope’ notion, touches the mundane realities of affairs on the ground. The refugee crisis affecting Europe is one of the critical prisms for viewing the tensions between these two visions. .


Brexit thumbnail

To Brexit or not: The hollow European Union referendum debate and state security. June 6, 2016
The WWIII imagined by David Cameron could only happen with the UK as a member of NATO, in or out of the European Union. As for Boris Johnson’s fears of Turkey ever joining the EU, he needs to remember that Turkey is part of NATO. Likewise, the wider debate on security has been uncomfortably hollow. All things remaining equal, perhaps it is better for you to follow your heart when voting. If state security was in your mind when casting your vote, we hope you found this post useful.
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