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last updated 18-Aug-2020
  Miscellaneous items: from specilized online commentary to NGO memoranda.  


GardaWorld Awarded First "Peace Prize" from the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East for its Work in Iraq. First Security Company in the World to be Awarded International Peace Prize. GardaWorld, May 14, 2007. Unfortunately, we were unable to preserve this document for posterity. [Inactive original link preserved for research purposes:]

• Alice Lipowicz, staff writer Washington Technology. Online Forum - Contractor scrutiny. Online Q&A in light of the allegatiosn by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (Rep. D-Calif.) of February 8, 2007 (TEXT html) , that Booz Allen Hamilton Inc may be involved in a “significant conflict of interest” in a Homeland Security Department contract. March 7, 2007: TEXT (html)

Billions Wasted In Iraq? U.S. Official Says Oversight Was "Nonexistent". 60 Minutes: This story originally aired on 12 February 2006 (transcript).

Business on the Battlefield. The Role of Private Military Companies. By Mafruza Khan. GJF's Corporate Research E-Letter No. 30, December 2002.

Conflict, Inc.: Selling the Art of War. A video produced on 7 December 1997. Umerous private companies have stepped into the power vacuum created by the end of the Cold War who are willing to undertake military activities traditionally the realm of governments. Featured Experts: Herbert Howe, David Isenberg, and Lt Gen Ed Soyster. Transcript of the video.

The Dangers of Privatising Risk Management of Investments in Africa. Mining Activities and the use of Private Security Companies. Memorandum submitted to the Special Rapporteur on the use of Mercenaries of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations, Mr. Enrique Bernales Ballesteros. Presented by The Working Group on Human Rights in Congo/Kinshasa, Development and Peace, and MiningWatch Canada. Montreal, February 2000.

Appendix A. "Principales Zones de Gisements" (JPEG map of mineral resources from Le Monde Diplomatique).

Appendix B. "Mining investment in areas of conflict: the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo"(March 8,2000).

Guarding the Multinationals. DSL and the International Private "Security" Business. By Pratap Chatterjee Multinational Monitor, March 1998.

For a list of selected security firms, visit the PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANIES page

The Military Outsourcing Commitment. By Marvin Leibstone, an article from, 21 July 2005.

Modern-Day Mercenaries. By Raenette Taljaard. YaleGlobal, 9 December 2003. A publication of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization.

La proliferación de ejércitos privados en el Tercer Mundo. El portal "Iberoamérica y el Mundo".

To translate this page highlight and copy the link and go to the LANGUAGE TOOLS page

Peacekeeper and Military Troop Training and Private Military Companies. Links page to various articles by the Global Policy Forum.

Peacekeepers and PMCs. Interview with Doug Brooks by Stephen Mbogo. 3-9 September 2001. West Africa Magazine.

Looking for organisations taking a stand in favor or against the privatization of peace? Visit the NGOs page

Private armies involved in the Congo war. By Chris Talbot, 2 September 1998.

Private Military Companies: A Legal Vacuum? A summary of discussion at the International Law Programme Discussion Group at Chatham House on 16 March 2005.

Private Military Companies in the Current Global Order. RUSI Conference: Rhodes House, Oxford University, 6 December 2004 [links to various panelists' PowerPoint presentations].

Visit the SECURITY & INTELLIGENCE page to browse security and military websites

Privatising Peace Envorcement. Editorial Comment. African Security Review (Vol 5, No 6, 1996). By Jakkie Cilliers and Christian Dietrich.

Return to Yemen. By David Smiley. ('During the civil war in Yemen in the 1960s, Colonel Smiley, LVO MC OBE, served as military adviser to Imam Al-Badr and senior members of the Yemeni royal family'). "When I left Yemen in 1968, I never expected to go there again. Imagine my surprise when in October last year I received a note from the Yemeni Ambassador, Dr Mutahar Alsaeedi, asking me to contact him as he had a letter for me. It was from his government inviting me to go out to Yemen, an invitation which I knew I would find hard to resist." MORE >>

• Shays Conducts Oversight of Role of Private Security Firms in Iraq. Press Release, 13 June 2006.

Small Arms and Failed States. "America's Defense Monitor" program; Show Number: 1307. Produced by the Center for Defense Information. Scriptwriter: Rachel Stohl. Segment Producer: Glenn Baker. 24 October 1999. Transcript.

Untested Law Key in Iraqi Abuse Scandal. By Jonathan Groner, Legal Times, 11 May 2004:



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