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last updated 20-Apr-2015

book bibliography on military and security contractors Books (printed and electronic)

Find here a bibliography covering works widely cited in the literature on the PMC/PSC topic, as well as more recent scholarship. In addition, topical books are listed in our Iraq list. For a broader selection browse our thematically organized Amazon shop: click here.


key journal articles on military and security contractors Academic and Research Papers

From the 1990s scholarship on PMCs and New Mercenaries in Africa to today's debate about the pros and cons of the privatization of security in Iraq and Afghanistan, the homeland security environment, and beyond, find here journal articles and research papers and reports.


key legal documents on security regulations Regulation Documents and Official Reports

The regulation of private military and private security service providers is perhaps one of the most heavily discussed issues today. This section offers you access to the legal documents, official reports, and international protocols currently sanctioning the operations of PMCs and PSCs in arenas of conflict.

US | UK | SA | IRAQ | UN | MORE>>

private military industry publications Industry Opinion and Research

Some might not approve of the private military and security industries. Yet it is important to listen to what they say. This section offers you a sample of such pieces, including our Private Military Ecology blog.


digital media on contractors Stream Media, TV, and Films

Online digital and stream media items have boomed over the last three years to a point that forces us to develop this segment into a dedicated section, properly. In the meantime, find here video and audio clips that have proved both controversial.


news articles about deployed contractors News Articles

We have been indexing news media articles since 1999. Yet the list ballooned so much that we decided to keep only representative articles. What remains of the old archive allows you to trace the PMC/PSC debate from a niche to a mainstream topic.


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