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--- is a private, independent, and not-for-profit initiative offering people interested in "Private Military Companies" and/or "Private Security Companies" (PMCs, PSCs, PMSCs) expert directories of resources related to these types of firms as well as the wider privatization of security phenomenon.

To understand better the private uses of force, the site also incorporates a section focusing on "Adverse Private Forces" (APFs) such as drug trafficking organizations, terrorist organizations, rebels and insurgents, and mafias and organized crime. Global security issues such as emerging patterns of conflict, cyber-crime, maritime piracy and terrorism are also explored here.

You can contribute by forwarding relevant links to publications, organizations, companies or multimedia resources in any of the categories we cover. Please feel free to submit items in any language, as we endeavor to promote international cooperation and to develop a truly international online library of resources about the privatization of security and APFs. While not everything can be listed, we will consider your requests and suggestions carefully!


If forwarding a link from your own organization or business, it is also desirable that you notify us of subsequent changes to the URL submitted in order to keep as updated as possible. We also request that, to the extent possible, you reciprocate the link. We understand the nature of the private military and private security fields and respect your confidentiality. Any information submitted will not be shared with third parties. Hence, rather than offering online forms or requiring you to create an account, we offer you the flexibility of simply e-mailing us your contributions, comments, or requests:

An alternative and perhaps more convenient way to contact is via social media. Please visit the REACHING US page to learn more about our ever expanding online footprint.
Hash-tag anything related to the universe, PMCs and PSCs, or the private military industry using:#privatemilitary or #privatemilitaryorg

Please note that grows organically. We expand our content and further develop the website and social media outlets based on your contributions, fedback, and suggestions. Therefore, at different points some pages are updated with more regularity than others.

We want to reach the widest audience possible. Although suggestions have been made to develop a more visually engaging and sophisticated website, for the time being will remain an HTML and text based website. This way, we can be accessed by remote communities that do not have access to broadband or fiber optics Internet connections and later generation computers.


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