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last updated 27-Mar-2016

International Recruitment & Advise

Directory of University Projects focusing on areas advancing the understanding of the privatization of security, military outsourcing trends, and the security architecture of weak states in the era of globalization.


Regional and Specialized

Directory of leading News Agencies. From time to time, it is worth visiting these websites rather than simply relying on the pre-determined and paid parameters of search engines and RSS feeds.


International Police Missions (CivPol)

Directory of firms specializing in the provision of military hardware and transportation solutions for risk environments (including tracking and recovery). We are currently expanding into software. Access to our GI Gear directory offered too.


Recruitment Agencies and Web-sites

For discussions about topical issues or the latest developments in the ground, we suggest you join any of the communities listed here.


Multilateral Organizations & NGOs

If you are interested in contributing to some good causes, why not visiting our Charity, Campaigns, and Foundations pages?


State Forces & Intelligence

Some peripheral websites and services that might be of interest to you. It might not be private military stuff, but anyone needs a break.


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