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last updated 18-Mar-2013

List / Directory of Private Military Companies (contractors, firms) or PMCs by capabilities (e.g. operating in conflict zones or reconstruction environments), service sector (e.g. military training, protective security) and security solutions (e.g. counter-piracy, logistics, and defense support). Our expert directory covers corporate profiles, capabilities, services offered, locations, and the commercial evolution of PMCs, which are also sometimes referred to as Military Service Providers (MSPs) or Private Military Firms (PMFs). In the fast expanding private military and private security businesses, there are always areas of overlap, so please also check our PSCs directory.


Airborne Tactical Advantage Company. Since 1994, ATAC has provided a growing fleet of tactical aircraft and services to the U.S. military (`U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and the Air National Guard ), including outsourced airborne tactical air training, threat simulation, and research & development. Utilizing some of the highest performance aircraft available, advanced threat tactics and electronic attack equipment, ATAC provides realistic and cost-effective advanced training and testing to today's military forces: [Information retrieved from Company on 31 August 2010]:

> Operations > Missions > Aircraft

AirScan. AirScan is committed to providing clients the best air, ground, and maritime surveillance, security and aviation possible. [Information retrieved from index page on 17 October 2003]:

AKE Group. AKE Limited was founded by Andrew Kain in 1991, to provide specialist risk services to businesses, NGOs and the media. The company provides a wide and integrated range of services, training, equipment, and technology. Much of our equipment and technology is exclusive to us and the result of extensive research, innovation and development. Our security risk specialists are ex-Special Forces and experienced in hazardous regions throughout the world. [Information retrieved from About us on 20 February 2004]:

> Risk management > Intelligence > Hostile environments > Medical services

ArmorGroup International. For over 25 years ArmorGroup has been recognised as a leading provider of defensive, protective security services to national governments, multinational corporations and international peace and security agencies operating in hostile environments.  ArmorGroup provides protective security services, security consultancy, security training and mine action services.  It has 9,000 highly trained and experienced employees and long term operations in 38 countries across the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, the CIS and central Asia [Information last updated on 15 July 2007]:

[ArmorGroup was acquired in March 2008 by G4S. This listing and its associated broken links are preserved as a historical record]

> Protective Security > Consultancy Services > Security Mentoring & Training > Post-conflict Arms Management

Phoenix CP. Close Protection training and operations company, run by former Officers and Warrant Officers of the Special Air Service Regiment (22-SAS). [retrieved from About Us on 10 November 2005]:

Training: Close Protection > Tactical Firearms > Surveillance > Medical > Tactical Driving

Background Asia Risk Solutions. BARS is a specialist consulting group providing our clients with fraud investigations, commercial intelligence gathering, security consulting, anti-corruption consulting, strategic advice and other business risk solutions to a number of issues in the Asia Pacific region. We operate all over the Asian region and, in some cases, in the Middle East (including Iraq and Afghanistan), Europe, North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. [Information retrieved from Home on 28 June 2005]:

> Maritime Security > Close Protection > Security Manpower > Business and Operational Risk Services

Beni Tal. BENI TAL is the leading most professional company in its field in Israel today. BENI TAL provides military security services and projects throughout the world, with specially chosen Israeli personnel. BENI TAL deals only in completely legal activities, that require the approval of the security authorities. [Information retrieved from front page on 2 August 2002]:

> Weapons Training > Military & Civil Training > Special Projects > Personal Bodyguards

Blackwater Worldwide (formerly Blackwater USA and now Xe). Please note that Xe does not currently have an active website, and we doubt they will have one any time soon:

The description below (and links) belongs to Blackwater Worldwide:

[ We are not simply a "private security company." We are a turnkey solution provider for 4th generation warfare. We assist with the development of national and global security plans, train, equip and deploy public safety and military warriors, build combat live-fire indoor/outdoor ranges, MOUT facilities and shoot houses, create ground and aviation operations and logistics support packages, develop and execute canine solutions for patrol and explosive detection, and can design and build facilities both domestically and in austere environments abroad.[Information retrieved from About Us on 1 August 2005]:

> Aviation > K-9 > Maritime > Parachute Team > Raven Construction > Security Consulting > Target Systems > Training ]

Blue Mountain Group. We provide a broad range of professional security solutions including: Close Protection, Maritime Security, Surveillance, Investigation, High Risk Static Guarding and Asset Protection. We also deliver high quality specialist training courses for security professionals including: Close Protection, Medical (First Person on Scene, Team Medic and First Aid at Work), Maritime Security (STCW 95 and Anti-piracy) and Professional Driving (Evasive and Defensive and Security Chauffeur). [Information updated from About Us on March 20, 2013]:

ChaseWaterford Special Projects. We specialise in the provision of information-based security services which provide our clients actionable intelligence and practical solutions to their security problems:

Chilport. Chilport is one of the UK's leading Specialist Security Companies, specialising in Canine (K9) Disciplines training and supplying our own dogs for such activities as search and rescue (SAR) drugs dogs, bomb detection dogs (bomb dogs, bomb sniffing dogs), RASCO, narcotics detection and many other security and detection areas where dedicated dogs can be effectively deployed. By being owned and operated by former Military Security Experts it ensures that the company is at the forefront of both traditional and state-of-the-art techniques for all the disciplines it offers. [Information retrieved from Home on 20 June 2005]:

Canine Services: Overview > Firearms & Explosive Detection > Drug Detection > Protection > Search & Rescue > Arson Detection / > Remote Air Sampling > Consultancy & Training Courses

Cubic Defense Applications. Backed by five decades of experience, Cubic Defense Applications (CDA) supplies live, constructive and virtual military training systems, integrated services and communications products to the U.S. Department of Defense, government agencies and allied nations.[Information retrieved from CDA index on 1 August 2005]:

> Live Combat Training Systems > Virtual Training Systems > Constructive & Live Training Support > Military & Civil Communications > Avionics/Combat Search & Rescue

DynCorp International. DynCorp International LLC is a leading professional services and project management firm with global expertise in aviation services, logistics, and security operations. It operates through two core subsidiaries, DynCorp International Technical Services LLC (ITS), and DynCorp Field Technical Services LLC (FTS). The ITS subsidiary provides: Foreign law enforcement training, Logistics, Base operations, and Personal and physical security worldwide. [Information retrieved from A Brief History on 1 August 2005]:

> Aerospace > Security > Logistics > Infrastructure > Maritime > Contingency

This is a sample list. While some of the entities listed above are key players and/or have been discussed in the debate on the topic, some other are emerging entities or have been incorporated into the list by request. For further information on a particular company, service, or unit, please contact the respective source.

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