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last updated 12-Jul-2020

List / Directory of Privatized Military Firms (PMFs), another way to refer to Private Military Companies (contractors, firms) or PMCs: living in an era characterized by both the broader diversification and deeper specialization of the private military/security sector, we overcome this corporate conundrum by focusing primarily on the core capabilities of firms. To examine further the horizontal and vertical integration of the business as well as inevitable overlaps, please explore our service sector and thematic directories.

PMCs: J - O

Job Zone LP. Job Zone is a 21st century services company Headquarted in Helsinki, Finland. Job Zone provides labour hire, recruiting, outsourcing and risk management services for private companies, NGO's and GO's. Job Zone provides due diligence services for business projects located in Finland, China, India, Iraq, and Russia. [Information retrieved from /job-zone-lp/ on 1 May 2006]:

> Services > Services for Iraqi Reconstruction

Metropolitan Protective Services. With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, MPS comprises top-level law enforcement and experienced management personnel dedicated to serving private, corporate, and institutional clients nationwide. Our Mission is to secure our clients' most valuable assets, from executive and corporate property protection, to physical perimeter and intellectual property rights. [Information retrieved from About MPS on 4 October 2009]:

Meyer & Associates. Meyer & Associates Special Operations Group will provide solutions that allow you to earn the profits you deserve and provide safety and security for your projects and personnel. Our Special Operations Group consists of specially trained ex-military personnel from US Army Special Forces, Rangers, Intelligence Operators, Marine Recon, Navy and Coast Guard Waterborne Operators. The Special Operations Group is available worldwide to address any needs your company may have including Armed Marine Patrol Vessels. [Information retrieved from Locations on 1 August 2005]:

> Training > Global Protection > Investigations > Domestic Security > Special Operations

Minimal Risk. Personal protection in hostile and permissive environments, travel security, covert surveillance, threat analysis, individual guidance, executive awareness training & briefing are only a sample of our far-reaching international capability. Our consultants will also advise on specialist equipment requirements, team and vehicle communications procurement. [Information retrieved from Company Profile on 1 June 2005]:

> Security Consultancy > Recruitment

• MPRI. MPRI is a professional services company that consists of former military, law enforcement, diplomatic and private sector leaders who share a common commitment to uncompromising integrity, professionalism and the values that are at the very foundation of our nation. With more than 1500 employees worldwide, MPRI provides comprehensive and integrated programs that address training, education, leader development, organizational design and implementation, democracy transition, and emergency management across a broad spectrum of functional areas. [Information retrieved from About MPRI on 1 August 2005]: [This listing and its associated broken links are preserved as a historical record. Above URL now directs you to an ads page]

> MPRI is now part of the Engility Corporation GO>>

MVM. MVM a multi-national government contractor that provides security, translation, and related services to US Government clients. MVM has grown from a small firm specializing in executive protection to a GSA approved full-service provider of highly skilled, experienced, and trained security professionals. Our highly cleared personnel protect federal property and information all over the world. [Information retrieved from Home on 1 December 2005]:

> Global Services: Security Officer Services, Translation Services, Executive Protection / Personal Security Detail, Force Protection, Explosive Detection Canine Teams, Custody Officers and Prisoner Transport, Staffing Support Services, Consulting Services, Mobile Training Teams, Security Officer Training, MORE>>

Northbridge Services Group. Northbridge Services Group specialises in providing highly confidential and effective security related services designed to address the needs of Governments, Multi-National Corporations, Non Governmental Organisations, the Corporate Sector and Prominent Individuals. [Information retrieved from Our Services on 10 December 2004]:

Services: > Advisory > Training > Operational Support > Intelligence Support > Humanitarian Operations > Strategic Communications > Support to Law and Order

Olive Security. We were the first operator to receive approval from the British and American governments, as well as the Coalition Provisional Authority and the Iraqi Governing Council, to provide armed support to the reconstruction programme in Iraq. We have worked for governments and government agencies. And we are now retained by a number of the world's leading Energy, Communications, Construction, Mining, Banking and Transportation companies. [Information retrieved from Introduction on 1 August 2005]:

> Analysis & Assessment > Security Operations & Project Support > Demining & Ordnance Disposal > Training > Locating & Tracking Solutions > Systems Design & Integration

Overwatch Protection Solutions International. We are a protective services company, providing a full compliment of protection and special security services for both our government and corporate clients. In addition, we also provide a host of specialized bespoke services that can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of our clients. We also offer special training packages for both government, military, and corporate clients. [Information retrieved from Introduction on 1 May 2006]:

> Force Protection > Private Military Operations > Disaster Relief Protection > Training Division


This is a sample list. While some of the entities listed above are key players and/or have been discussed in the debate on the topic, some other are emerging entities or have been incorporated into the list by request. For further information on a particular company, service, or unit, please contact the respective source.

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