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Your privacy and the use of cookies


Practically all professional websites incorporate the use of cookies and we are not an exception to the rule.

Cookies are tiny and harmless text files connecting users' desktops and mobile devices to websites. They help remember your choices when you visit a website. For example, they mark on your browser that you have visited a page already or that you clicked ok to your consent to the use of cookies.

We do not generate cookies ourselves or store any cookies documenting your activity on this site. However, we use free internet services made available by major Tech companies that incorporate the use of cookies e.g. site search and analytics by Google, book listings from Amazon, and AddThis sharing functionality.

These cookies are essential for the running of the site and free-access functionality and we are therefore unable to remove them. However, please remember that you can always delete all cookie files from your computer or mobile device by accessing the browser setting and choosing to empty the cookie folder whenever desired or after you close your browser.


By continuing to use this website you agree to the use of cookies.


If you do not agree to the use of cookies, please promptly close the page and/or your browser.

Nevertheless, many thanks for your visit !



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