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last updated 23-Oct-2017
  News articles, special reports, and research documents related to what we deem is a critical global security issue: food security. Humanity has crossed a threshold and the permanent escalation of food prices is a reflection of the issue. Climate change and conflicts have contributed to the exacerbation of the problem, so please browse related sections.  



World food security risks growing, Chatham House says. Almost 25% of the world's food is traded on international markets. UK-based Chatham House says more needs to be done to protect key transport routes such as the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal and the Turkish Straits. BBC News, June 27, 2017: TEXT | MAP | PICTURES

India and US retreat from battle over food security. India and the US are backing away from a fight over food security and a new Indian food distribution programme for the poor. By Shawn Donnan, The Financial Times, September 15, 2013: TEXT

Assessing Impact of Development Programmes on Food Security. An online course produced by FAO in collaboration with Wageningen University and Research Centre for Development Innovation: click here

Mapping Actions for Food Security and Nutrition. MAFSAN, maintained by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN (FAO), is a web platform designed to help stakeholders at country, regional and global levels to share information about their investments in food and nutrition security: click here




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