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last updated 19-Aug-2020
  News articles, special reports, and research documents related to what we deem is a critical global security issue: climate change. So the freak weather we are experiencing on a regular basis has nothing to do with it? Think twice, we have crossed a threshold and the permanent freak weather is a reflection of the issue.  


Antarctic ice sheet melting from below, scientists say. "Intensive melting under the Pine Island ice shelf, as observed in our study, could potentially lead to the speed up and ultimate break-up of the ice shelf," David Holland, a professor of mathematics at the Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science at New York University, said in a statement. By Denise Chow, Christian Science Monitor, September 16, 2013: TEXT

Climate Change Could Create "Business Opportunities". Raytheon is worried about the risks of global warming. But it also thinks climate-related "security concerns" could boost demand for its military products. By By Jeremy Schulman, Mother Jones, August 14, 2013: TEXT | PHOTO

British Prime Minister David Cameron says seabed mining could be worth £40bn to Britain. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has, in partnership with UK Seabed Resources – a newly formed subsidiary of Lockheed – obtained a licence and contract to explore a 58,000 sq km area of the Pacific Ocean for mineral-rich polymetallic "nodules". By Terry Macalister, The Guardian, March 14, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE

Japan warms to 'fire ice' potential. Japan Oil, Gas & Metals National Corp said it had successfully extracted gas from deposits of methane hydrate - a hyper-abundant mix of frozen water and methane sometimes called "fire ice". By Jonathan Soble,, CNN Report, March 14, 2013: TEXT

US security experts urge international climate change action. “As a matter of risk management, the United States must work with international partners, public and private, to address this impending crisis.” By Rory Carroll, AlertNet, February 26, 2013: TEXT | PICTURE

Why Greenland's record ice-melt matters. The second largest block of freshwater ice on the planet melted more this year than ever before, contributing to rising sea levels and even possibly the weather. By Tom Clarke, Channel 4 News, October 17, 2012: VIDEO

UN Security Council. 'Contextual Information' on Possible Security Implications of Climate Change Important When Climate Impact Drive Conflict. Security Council 6587th Meeting (AM & PM), July 20, 2011. Transcrip released by Department of Public Information, News and Media Division, New York: click here




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