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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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A small selection of books focusing on security contractors (PMCs/PSCs) in Iraq. For future reference, please bookmark the page.

Irak, terre mercenaire : Les armées privées remplacent les troupes américaines. By Georges-Henri Bricet des Vallons, FAVRE, 2009.

Buy it from Amazon France: >>GO | Amazon Canada: >>GO

The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict. By Linda J. Bilmes and Joseph E. Stiglitz. W. W. Norton & Company, 2008.

Shadow Force: Private Security Contractors in Iraq. By David Isenberg, Praeger Security International, 2008.

Von Florian Hellberg book cover

Private Military Companies im Irak - Eine Bestandsaufnahme. Von Florian Hellberg, GRIN Verlag, 2007:

Buy it from Amazon Germany: >>GO


The Iraq Study Group Report: The Way Forward - A New Approach. By James A., III Baker and Lee H. Hamilton (co-chairs), and Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Edwin Meese III , Sandra Day O'Connor, Leon E. Panetta, William J. Perry, Charles S. Robb, and Alan K. Simpson, Vintage Books USA, 2006.

A Bloody Business: America's War Zone Contractors And the Occupation of Iraq. By Gerry Schumacher, Zenith Press, 2006.


Iraq,Inc.: A Profitable Occupation. By Pratap Chatterjee, Seven Stories Press, 2004.


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