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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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Welcome to our books section: an easy way to keep track of all the titles that can be regarded as essential to any library focusing on Private Military/Security Companies and the privatization of security broadly. For more information about any of them, please click on the Amazon link. For future reference, please bookmark the page.
2006 - 2007

Private Military and Security Companies. Chances, Problems, Pitfalls and Prospects. Edited by Jäger Thomas, and Kümmel Gerhard. Wiesbaden, VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2007.

About the book / Table of contents

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. Executive Outcomes book cover

essential library title presents: Executive Outcomes. Against all Odds. By Eeben Barlow, Galago, 2007.

About the book | About Barlow and EO | Buy it from Galago

From Mercenaries to Market: The Rise and Regulation of Private Military Companies. Edited by Simon Chesterman and Chia Lehnardt, Oxford University Press, September 2007.

About the book | Table of contents

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Birke book cover

Private Military Companies. Akteure in rechtlichen Grauzonen. Von Gero Birke, Vdm Verlag, 2007.

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Corporate Soldiers and International Security: The Rise of Private Military Companies. By Chris Kinsey. London, Routledge, 2006.

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Renou book cover

La privatisation de la violence : Mercenaires et sociétés militaires privées au service du marché. De Xavier Renou, Agone, 2006.

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War Dog: Fighting Other People's Wars -The Modern Mercenary in Combat. By Al Venter, Casemate, 2006.

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Private Actors and Security Governance. Edited by Alan Bryden and Marina Caparini. Zürich, Verlag Münster: Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, 2006.

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Hubac book cover

Mercenaires et polices privées: La privatisation de la violence armée. De Olivier Hubac, Encyclopaedia Universalis, 2006.

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