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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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An anthology of innovative PMC and PSC scholarship edited by Thomas Jäger and Gerhard Kümmel. Some of the chapter included incorporated ground-breaking research and ideas. This is an excellent collection of essays by scholars from around the globe has become essential reading and a classic.


PMCs and PSCs cover

Private Military and Security Companies. Chances, Problems, Pitfalls and Prospects

An anthology of new PMC and PSC scholarship edited by Thomas Jäger and Gerhard Kümmel

Vs Verlag, February 2007, paperback, 24 x 16.6 x 2.6 cm, 502 pages.
ISBN: 978-3-531-14901-6

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(Thomas Jäger and Gerhard Kümmel) Preface of the Editors (p. 9)

I History and Development
(Carlos Ortiz) Overseas Trade in Early Modernity and the Emergence of Embryonic Private Military Companies ( p. 11)
(Daniel Kramer) Does History Repeat Itself? A Comparative Analysis of Private Military Entities (p. 23)
(Kyle M. Ballard) The Privatization of Military Affairs: A Historical Look into the Evolution of the Private Military Industry (p. 37)
(Carlos Ortiz) The Private Military Company: An Entity at the Center of Overlapping Spheres of Commercial Activity and Responsibility (p. 55)
(Stephan Maninger) Soldiers of Misfortune: Is the Demise of National Armed Forces a Core Contributing Factor in the Rise of Private Security Companies? (p. 69)
(Christopher Kinsey) Private Security Companies: Agents of Democracy or Simply Mercenaries? (p. 87)
II Case Studies
(Alice E. Fuchs) Searching for Resources, Offering Security - Private Military Companies in Sierra Leone (p. 105)
(Jan Stöber) Contracting in the Fog of War - Private Security Providers in Iraq: A Principal-Agent Analysis (p. 121)
(Carolin Liss) Privatization of Maritime Security in Southeast Asia (p. 135)
(Dirk Gielink, Maarten Buitenhuis, and René Moelker) No Contractors on the Battlefield: The Dutch Military's Reluctance to Outsource (p. 149)
(Gregor Richter) Privatization in the German Armed Forces (p. 165)
(Kennedy Mkutu) The Private Security Industry in Kenya: Issues and Challenges (p. 177)
(Yantsislav Yanakiev and Krasimira Nikolova) Private Security Guards as a Socio-Professional Group in Bulgaria (p. 203)
(Ryan Kelty and David R. Segal) The Civilianization of the US Military: Army and Navy Case Studies of the Effects of Civilian Integration on Military Personnel (p. 213)
III Problems and Prospects
(Jan Grofe) Human Rights and Private Military Companies: A Double-Edged Sword too Dangerous to Use? (p. 241)
(Marc von Boemcken) Liaisons Dangereuses: The Cooperation between Private Security Companies and Humanitarian Aid Agencies (p. 259)
(Kathrin Herbst) Private Security Companies and Civil-Military Cooperation (p. 273)
(Alrik van den Berg) Effective Peacekeeping and the Privatization of Security (p. 293)
(Martin Binder) Norms versus Rationality: Why Democracies Use Private Military Companies in Civil Wars (p. 307)
(Guntram F.A. Werther) Back to the Future: Private Military Contractors and Political Theory in the Modern Democratic State (p. 321)
IV Legal Issues and Patterns of Regulation
(Imke-Ilse Drews) Private Military Companies: The New mercenaries? - An International Law Analysis (p. 331)
(Christian Schaller) Private Security and Military Companies under the International Law of Armed Conflict (p. 345)
(Maurice Voyame) The Notion of 'Direct Participation in Hostilities' and Its Implications on the use of Private Contractors under International Humanitarian Law (p. 361)
(Katja Weigelt and Frank Märker) Who is Responsible? The Use of PMCs in Armed Conflict and International Law (p. 377)
(Susan Buchner) Private Military Companies and Domestic Law in South Africa (p. 395)
(Andrea Schneiker) National Regulatory Regimes for PSMCs and their Activities: Benefits and Shortcomings (p. 407)
(Deborah Avant) Selling Security: Trade-Offs in State Regulation of the Private Security Industry (p. 419)
(Sebastian Drutschmann) Informal Regulation: An Economic Perspective on the Private Security Industry (p. 443)
V Conclusion
(Thomas Jäger and Gerhard Kümmel) PSMCs: Lessons Learned and Where to Go from Here (p. 457)
Literature (p. 463)
About the Authors (p. 501)

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