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last updated 22-May-2021
  List / Directory of Military Units of Multinational or Multilateral Constitution. The foreign or multinational constitution of various legitimate military or law enforcement forces operating in arenas of reconstruction and as part of peacekeeping and humanitarian missions challenges common perceptions of mercenaries as simply soldiers in foreign service and/or working for private gain. The same point applies to the Private Militray and/or Security Companies, which often hire and deploy multinational forces.  
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• Legión Española. Two unofficial sites:

Amigos de la Legion Española. Este sitio web nació el 8 de septiembre de 1996, siendo pionera en hacer divulgación de unidades de las Fuerzas Armadas españolas en Internet. Los que amamos la Legión demostrábamos que tradición y modernidad no están reñidas:

To translate this page, highlight and copy the link and go to the LANGUAGE TOOLS page

- Unofficial page of the Spanish Foreign Legion. The Legion is now used in peace keeping missions for Nato. They have recently been involved Bosnia, Croatia, Angola, Nicaragua, Haiti, El Salvador, and Guatemala. In 1979 the Spanish Legion was estimated at 10,000:

Multi-National Force - Iraq. Iraq is divided into six major areas of responsibility maintained by forces from 27 countries:

- Army Corps of Engineers - Gulf Region Division:

- Multi-National Division - South East: click here

NATO Response Force. NRF It is capable of performing missions worldwide across the whole spectrum of operations. These include evacuations, disaster management, counterterrorism, and acting as ‘an initial entry force’ for larger, follow-on forces:

Papal Swiss Guard. It was founded in 1506. It is today largely ceremonial, but like the Guards in London they are a fully operational modern military force. When in ceremonial 16th century uniform, they keep their firearms in guard boxes nearby. The Papal Guard are the only mercenary unit permitted under Swiss law since 1859, and are the last of a long tradition of a million mercenaries in the world's armies. The Guard today consists of 5 officers, 25 NCOs and 70 halberdiers (taken from

The Royal Gurkha Rifles. Following further restructuring and the withdrawal of the garrison from Hong Kong the number of Gurkhas serving has reduced to 3,400. Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas, the recruit training wing and the Band have relocated in the United Kingdom. The four Rifle Regiments disbanded to form one large regiment - The Royal Gurkha Rifles with two battalions are based in the UK and the other in Brunei and the three Corps Regiments have reduced to squadron size and are entirely UK based:

- More information available at

32 Battalion. The 32 "Buffalo" Battalion was an elite unit consisting of former FNLA guerrillas from Angola integrated with South African Officers to become acknowledged as the best fighting unit in the South African Defence Force (SADF) since WWII and was also the first unit to receive its colours in an operational area. Visit this website and community to experience and share in the former years of the 32 Battalion:


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