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last updated 18-Aug-2020

News articles and special reports related to maritime piracy, piracy attacks, and maritime crimes around the Indian subcontinent region (the Arabian Sea, the Laccadive Sea, and the Bay of Bengal). The Adverse Private Forces we focus on here are Indian, Bangladeshi, and Sri Lankan Pirates. We are also in the process of consolidating resources on piracy currently covered in different sections of



Three Somalis convicted of piracy, murder in yacht attack off Oman. Three Somalis were convicted on Monday of piracy, kidnapping and murder in the 2011 shooting deaths of four Americans sailing in the Indian Ocean off of Oman and could face the death penalty, according to court documents. By Gary Robertson, Reuters, July 9, 2013: TEXT

Fact Sheet: International Maritime Piracy. Piracy at sea is a worldwide phenomenon which has affected not only the coasts of Africa, but also Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Yemen, and Venezuela. American citizens considering travel by sea should exercise caution when near and within these coastal areas. U.S. Department of State (last recorded update April 10, 2013 ): TEXT





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