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last updated 18-Aug-2020

News articles and special reports related to rebels and rebellion in the Pacific Ocean region. We cover rebellion and civilian uprising in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.The Adverse Private Forces we primarily focus here are Pacific region rebel groups, as well as events featuring civilian uprising in the region.



Far-left activist charged with police slaying after 45 years as a fugitive. Masaaki Osaka. a former member of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League National Committee, is suspected of killing police officer Tsuneo Nakamura in November 1971 during activists protesting.”Kyodo, The Japan Times, June 7, 2017: TEXT | VIDEO

Petition to Keep Golden Dawn Out of Australia. The petition underlines that the party is seeking to broaden its influence outside the Greek borders by opening offices around the world. By Stella Tsolakidou, Greek Reporter Australia, March 4, 2013: TEXT

Vandals attack Captain James Cook's cottage. Authors of an anarchist blog "disaccords" have claimed responsibility for the vandalism on their website. By:Rachel Baxendale, The Australian, February 07, 2013: TEXT




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