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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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The International Stability Operations Association (ISOA, formerly known as the International Peace Operations Association or IPOA) publishes the Journal of International Peace Operations (formerly IPOA Quarterly). This journal, through ISOA’s conceptual focus on a "Peace and Stability" industry, constitutes the only publication specializing on PMCs and PSCs. IPOA logo
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Vol. 4, No. 3 - November-December, 2008: Maritime Security: PDF

November Won't Change a Thing - Doug Brooks • IPOA Elects New Executive for 2009 IPOA • The Swiss Initiative Comes Alive - Nikolas Stürchler • Pirates Ahoy Commander - Marcus Mohlin • Private Security Head-to-Head Against Pirates - Peter Chalk • Future Stability of Africa - Ghada Mashamoun • Why Can't We All Get Along? - Jurga Didziokaite & Col. Christopher Mayer • United Nations Peacekeeping at 60 - Briony Sturgess • Security vs. Democracy in Mauritania - Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) • Implementing High Ideals and Aspirations - J.J. Messner • No Cushioning for Contractors in Iraqi SOFA - Natalie Ng.

Vol. 4, No. 2 - September-October, 2008: Humanitarian Security and Support: PDF

Recipe for Success - Doug Brooks • Georgia Bitten as the Russian Bear Awakes - David A. Poplack & Patricia Taft • Not for the Faint-Hearted - Benjamin Perrin • Private Sector Humanitarian Support - Soraya Narfeldt • Uncharted Waters - Claude Berube • Private Sector, Public War - Elizabeth Bartels • AFRICOM: An Evolution in U.S. Strategy - Lauren Plock • An Unlikely History of Contracting - Gary L. Sturgess • Contractor Commission Named - Alice Beauheim • Nigeria: A Well-Oiled Federation - Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) • U.N. in Darfur: At Least Try and Look Busy - J. J. Messner.

Vol. 4, No. 1 - July-August, 2008: Civilian Police Training: PDF

Who is Really Burdening the Military? - Doug Brooks • Redefining Inherently Governmental - Tara Lee • Post-Conflict Civilian Police Training - Dr. Eirin Mobekk • U.S. Civilian Police Training Worldwide - David T. Johnson • European Union Gendarmerie Initiative - Joseph Lacey-Holland • Q & A with Andrew Natsios: Reconstruction Amidst Conflict in Sudan - Melinda Baker • Considering Stadium Security - Paul LaFontaine • Perspective of a Third Country National - Hugo Guerrero • United Nations Initiatives in Training - Dr. Phyllis J. Mihalas • South Africa and Nepal Tighten Laws - Alice Beauheim • The Chinese are Coming! - Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) • Conspiracy Theories Aside -  J. J. Messner.

Vol. 3, No. 6 - May-June, 2008: The Future of Iraq: PDF

The Swiss Show Some Initiative - Doug Brooks • U.S. Policy in Iraq: A Plague on Both Houses - Michael Shank • Iraq Policy in the Post-Bush Era - Juliette R. Shedd • Don't Forget the Economy - Michael O'Hanlon • A Surge in Confidence in Iraq’s Security Situation - Christian Lowe • Security in Iraq: The Private Security Perspective - Graham Kerr • The Coalition of Whoever is Left - Joseph Lacey-Holland • Uniting Behind the United Nations in Iraq - Bethelhem Ketsela Moulat and Shawn Lee Rathgeber • Military Law on Trial - Melinda Baker • Q & A with Amb. Said Tayeb Jawad: Poppy, Poverty and the Taliban - Michael Shank • A Tough Road to Education Iraqis • Jessica Kruvant-Wilson - Zimbabwe: Stability Under Threat - Dr. Nel Marais • Just When Things Couldn't Get Worse For Zimbabwe - Amb. Herman Cohen • Airbus Versus Boeing Should Not be the Debate - J.J. Messner • African Union in Burundi - Molly Sterns.

Vol. 3, No. 5 - March-April, 2008: Corporate Social Responsibility: PDF

From Humble Beginnings in Freetown: The Origins of the IPOA Code of Conduct - Doug Brooks • The Importance of Following the Rules - Jonathan Garratt • Diverse Views on Corporate Responsiblity - Manuel Cortizo Garcia • A Human Rights Perspective on Business Ethics - Dr. Rebecca DeWinter-Schmitt • Security, Human Rights in the Extractive Industry - Krista Hendry • Implementing Voluntary Priciples - Dr. Christos Mylonas • International Efforts at Corporate Ethics Standards - Bethelhem Ketsela Moulat • Kenyan Crisis Threatens Entire Region - Bethelhem Ketsela Moulat and Molly Stearns • Wallets on the Ground: Civil-Military Leveraging of Market Forces - Col. Christopher Holshek • President Bush Approves NDAA for 2008 - Melinda Baker • The Second-Largest Security Industry in the World -Serena Stone • Recognizing Good Work - Doug Brooks • Still Waiting for the West - J.J. Messner • Woe Somalia - Amb. Herman Cohen • Europe Puts Boots on the Ground in Africa - Shawn Lee Rathberger.

Vol. 3, No. 4 - January-February, 2008: Responding to Natural Distaters: PDF

Studying the Psychological Effects of Conflict Zones - Dr. Neil Greenberg • The Private Sector Experience in New Orleans - James Schmitt • Developing a Targeted Private Response to Disaster - James E. Baynes • PTSD: The Company Perspective - Dr. Paul A. Brand • Surveying the Peace and Stability Operations Industry - J.J. Messner and Ylana Gracielli - Private Sector Cost-Effectiveness - Peter Ezra Weinberger and Patrick Cullen • Afghanistan Crackdown on PSCs - Robert Vainshtein • U.S. Congress Funds NDAA - Derek Wright • UN Group Meets in Panama - Doug Brooks • The Missing Piece: Deconstucting the Good and the Bad of Media Reportage - Ylana Gracielli • Spreading the Word: Publicizing the Industry's Ethical Commitment - Doug Brooks • A Controversial Calculu - J.J. Messner • Libya Seeks to Expanf Its Sphere of Influence - Amb. Herman Cohen • European Union Crisis Management - Col. Dennis Gyllesnsporre • Ethiopia and Eritrea - Cecillie Beise • Lessons to be Learned for Responding to Disaster - Lakshitha Saji Prelis • The Importance of Adequate Government Response - William F. Shughart II • Centralization Proves Inadequate to Disaster Aid - Peter T. Leeson and Russell S. Sobel.

Vol. 3, No. 3 - November/December 2007: Phase Zero: Stopping Conflict Before it Starts: PDF

Gen. Charles Wald (Ret.) - The Phase Zero Campaign: New Thinking Within the Pentagon and USEUCOM • Lawrence Korb and Matthew Forgotson - The Case for Prudent Intervention • Derek Wright - Phases of Contingency Operations • Robert Vainshtein - A New Approach to Stabilization • Cecilie Beise - Moving Away from Phase Zero • Richard Tugman - A User's Guide to the Defense Base Act • Keith L. Flicker, Esq. - Zone of Special Danger Doctrine • Timothy B. Reid - Why the UN Needs Private Security • Derek Wright - Attention, Activity and Accountability • Lt. Col. Michael Rostek and Peter Gizewski - A Canadian Approach to the Peace and Stability Operations Industry • Ylana Gracielli Murkiness - Secretiveness. Impunity • Lawrence T. Peter - A Re-evaluation of Iraq Operations • Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - North Kivu Conflict Compunds DRC Woes • Doug Brooks - Defusing Disagreement • J. J. Messner - Credit Where Credit is Due • Profiles: RA International • UNFICYP in Cyprus • Transport Scanners,

Vol. 3, No. 2 - September/October 2007: Finding Our Way: PDF

Derek Wright - Controlling Chaos: Improving Interaction and Trust Between Actors • Colin M. Alberts, Gerard J. Christman and Michael P. Dowdy - Achieving Interoperability • Amb. W. Robert Pearson (Ret.) - State's Crisis Coordination Office • John Schafer - When the Security Profile Causes Harm • James "Spike" Stephenson - Sharing the Humanitarian Space • Mark Lonsdale - Enhancing the Military's Use of Private Contractors • Tim Grant and James Irvine - Keeping Track of Actors in the Field • Charles Sitkoff - Staying in Touch • Gen. Scott Gration (Ret.) - A Bright Future for Africa • Ian Parker - AFRICOM: Opportunities and Challenges • Stephen Henthorne - The Great American Hope for Africa? • David Phinney - Iraq Contractors on Notice About Labor Abuse • Iveta Cherneva - Combating Modern Day Slavery • Sylvia Ellison - Following the Letter and Spirit of Compliance • Michael Hoffman - Operationalizing the IPOA Code of Conduct • Iveta Cherneva - U.S. Congress Focus on Private Contractors • Ylana Gracielli - Brazil Slowly Expands its Peacekeeping Role • J. J. Messner - From One Extreme to the Other • Lawrence T. Peter - How Private Companies Fit In • Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - Yar`Adua Emerges from Obasanjo's Shadow • Doug Brooks - Is Anybody Listening? • J. J. Messner - What's it Worth to You? Expats, TCNs, Locals and Pay Disparity • Profiles: MPRI • UNAMIR - Rwanda • MRAPS - Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles.

Vol. 3, No. 1 - July/August 2007: NATO in Afghanistan: PDF

[To be indexed]

Vol. 2, No. 6 - May/June 2007: Mine Action: PDF

Bill Pearse: Mine Action - A Necessary First Step • Johann van den Heever: Challenges of Demining in Africa • Dave McDonnell: Clearing Cluster Bombs • Teye Brandsma: Economic Impact of Landmines and UXOs • Christopher Rochester: New Initiatives in Demining • Iveta Cherneva: Ethnic Conflicts in the South Caucuses • Audrey Roberts: Russian Peacekeepers in Georgia • Fiona Mangan: New Bills Compete for Prominence in U.S. Congress • Kathleen Duignan: Civilians and Military Law • Ylana Gracielli: Latin America - Leading Supplier of TCNs • Audrey Roberts: Navigating the Human Terrain • Doug Brooks: IPOA Members Providing Critical Humanitarian Services • Ambassador Herman Cohen: Is Zimbabwe Heading for Collapse? • J. J. Messner: What's in a Name? • Lawrence T. Peter: On Regulations for PSCs Operating in Iraq • Profiles: Evergreen Aviation International • Global Youth Partnership for Africa • Ilyushin IL-76 • RAMSI in the Solomon Islands.

Vol. 2, No. 5 - March/April 2007: Elections and Conflict: PDF

Derek Wright: The Emergence of African Democracy • Christopher Rochester: Post-Conflict Elections as a Measure of Success • Vandy Kanyako: Government by the People? Staging Elections in West Africa • Patrick McDonald: Supporting Elections in Iraq • Laura Engelbrecht: D.R. Congo in the Aftermath of Elections • Kurt Bassuener: Elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina • The Situation in Iraq: Iveta Cherneva: New Congress Heralds a New Iraq Plan • Michael Shank: The Need for a Robust Security Strategy in Iraq • Kosovo: Denitza Mantcheva: Years of Struggle and Foreign Intervention • Audrey Roberts: Contractors Promoting Peace in Kosovo • Government Affairs: Fiona Mangan: A New Controversy Over Contractor Laws • Patricia D'Costa: U.S. Proposes New Civilian Reserve Corps • Patricia D'Costa: DoD Directive 3000.05 One Year On • Global Attitudes Series: Marcus Mohlin: Private Security in Sweden • Study of Peace Operations: Kyle Ballard: Religion, Spark or Solution for Conflict? • Columnists: Ambassador Herman Cohen: The U.S. Military's New Africa Command • J. J. Messner: UN Peacebuilding - Where is the West? • Profiles: IPOA Member: TOIFOR • NGO: Genocide Intervention Network • Equipment: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles • Peacekeeping Mission: UNMIS in Sudan.

Vol. 2, No. 4, January/February 2007: Peace Operations and the Law: PDF

Carlos Ortiz: Assessing the Accountability of PSCs • Michael Hoffman: Geneva Conventions Struggle to Contain Modern War • Robert Vainshtein: UCMJ v. MEJA: Two Options For Regulating Contractors • James W. Hryekewicz: Contracting and the Threat of Civil Litigation • Susan Notar: Legal Implications of Abuses by UN Peacekeepers • Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Ted Dagne: Somalia - Who is Really in Charge? • Fiona Mangan: Somaliland: A Pressing Need for Recognition • Global Attitudes Series: Carrie Schenkel: Germany: Facing Up to its Peacekeeping Responsibilities • Government Affairs: Kerstin Mikalbrown: Protecting the Rights of Third Country Nationals in Iraq • Study of Peace Operations: Jean S. Renouf: Private Security Enters the Humanitarian Field • Profiles: MINUSTAH, Haiti • Mil Mi-8 Helicopter • Medical Support Solutions • Universal Human Rights Network.

Vol. 2, No. 3 November/December 2006: UN Peacekeeping at the Crossroadas: PDF

Don Kraus: Acquiring a fire engine before the fire breaks out • Carrie M. Schenkel: Finding suitable peacekeepers • Pavithra Banavar: The poor countries' burden • Tony Fleming: A Secretary-General acceptable to all • David Aten: Steps toward greater UN-private sector partnerships • Scott Paul: Uncle Sam wants you to reform the United Nations • Global Attitudes Series: Rama Lakshmi: India's enthusiastic but cautious approach to PKOs • Faltering Sri Lankan Peace Process: M. R. Narayan Swamy: Nordic nations struggle to moderate conflict • C. Christine Fair: Sri Lanka's drift back into war • Government Affairs: Fiona Mangan: Switzerland to consider new anti-mercenary legislation • Robert Vainshtein: Senators Smith and Kennedy propose Peace in Darfur Act • Johann R. Jones: Promoting regulation and accountability in Iraq • Study of Peace Operations: Daniel Strandow: UN targeted sanctions - problems and possibilities • Columnists: Doug Brooks: Valuing the contribution of the private sector • J. J. Messner: Shining a tainted light on the industry • Ambassador Herman Cohen: The UN and Africa - a symbiotic relationship.

Vol 2, No. 2, September/October 2006: Ethical Security: PDF

Krista Hendry and Patti Taft: The first line of defense • Scott Greathead: Private security: The human rights challenge • Paul Christopher: Civilian contractors: Ethical and legal parameters • Samiya Edwards: A plan for keeping private security accountable • David Carraway: Blue and white: Engaging with militaries • Kevin Streeter: A new morality: A rising tide to lift all boats • Global Attitudes Series: Bruce Oswald: Private contractors in Australia • Crises in Lebanon: Emile El-Hokayem: Can an international force solve Lebanon's woes • Matan Chorev: Keeping peace between Israel and Hezbollah • Government Affairs: Peter Leon and Kevin Williams: South Africa goes back to the drawing board • Bujana Perolli: Role of third country nationals queried • Bujana Perolli: Pressure mounts on Fijian government • Study of Peace Operations: John Stuart Blackton: Rediscovering counter-insurgency • Columnists: Doug Brooks: Ethical security: A challenge and a necessity • Ambassador Herman Cohen: Somalia at the crossroads.

Vol. 2, No. 1, July/August 2006: Crises in Sudan: PDF

Max Boot: Send Private Military Companies into Sudan • Sloan Mann: When will we learn the lesson? • Dale Erickson: What next for the North-South conflict in Sudan? • Marv Koop: Advancing the transition to peace • Violence in Timor: Emily & J.J. Messner: When not to leave • Government Affairs: Peter Leon & Kevin Williams: South African legislation threatens industry • Diana Basto Castro: PSCs testify before Congress • Columnists: Doug Brooks: Focusing on Sudan • Ambassador Herman Cohen: Deby must go for the sake of Chad ... and Sudan • Derek Wright: A role for the private sector in D.R. Congo.




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