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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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This is our 2000-2010 archive of news articles and special reports focusing on private military and private security issues. We cover the firms sometimes referred to as Private Military Companies or PMCs by reporters and analysts. Please explore and analyze the debates, controversies, and trends regarding the growing use of private sector firms in areas of conflict, defense, reconstruction, and homeland security in the first decade of the 21st century. To browse more recent articles or a featured theme, please select from the options below.
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Christian Science Monitor

US use of private contractors in war hits record high. They make up 57 percent of Pentagon's personnel in Afghanistan, report shows. By Peter Grier, 1 September 2009: click here

Record number of US contractors in Iraq. Some 190,000 private personnel were working in the Iraq theater as of early this year, a new report says. 18 August 2008. click here

Cyberspace: new frontier in conflicts. Internet attacks on Georgia expose a key flaw for more than 100 nations. 13 August 2008: click here

A better way than the TSA. Private security firms would actually keep us safe, not just make us feel that way. By Becky Akers, 21 March 2007:

Bosnia's leftover guns: Sell, give, destroy? The US wants to give the weapons to Afghan forces after previous sales to Iraq went missing. By Beth Kampschror, 10 July 2006:

What to call an army of 20,000? By Ruth Walker, 3 November 2005 (scroll down to the bottom of the page):

US troops, security contractors increasingly at odds in Iraq. Detained contractors say they were "abused, humiliated" by troops after recent confrontation. By Tom Regan, 13 June 2005:

Private firms take on more military tasks. By Ann Scott Tyson, 2 April 2004:

For a list of firms taking on military tasks, visit the COMPANIES pages

US global military presence. By Alan Messmer, 18 March 2004:

The rise of the private-sector military. In era of shrinking armed forces, America turns to private firms to carry out foreign military aid. By Justin Brown, 5 July 2000:



DNA (India)

India: Security agencies see rise in business. The cost of hiring a bodyguard may vary from Rs15,000 to Rs25,000 for an unarmed male bodyguard, to Rs30,000 onwards for an armed guard. The cost of hiring a female guard ranges from Rs20,000 to 35,000. By Joanna Lobo, November 8, 2008: TEXT



The Financial Times

Ghost’ leads war of words in Nigeria. Spokesperson for Nigerian militants Jomo Gbomo does not exist. By Tom Burgis October 10, 2010: TEXT

Iceland set to embrace war-game fliers. FM Services awaiting approval from Iceland government to start building hangars for a private military flight school. By Andrew Ward, August 30, 2010: TEXT

G4S aims for global security contracts. By Alistair Gray, 26 October 2009: TEXT

UK homeland security: Companies seek fresh sources of income. The strategy unveiled by the Science and Technology Strategy for Countering International terrorism likely to improve relations between the industry and the intelligence community. By James Boxell, September 8, 2009: click here

United Kingdom: No licence requirement for private military. The about 30 companies judged by the UN to operate in hot-spots would only require to observe a code of conduct. By James Blitz. April 25, 2009: TEXT

Defence groups turn focus to security at home. BAE Systems became the latest giant to penetrate the sector by taking over Detica, a provider of homeland security technology. By Sylvia Pfeifer, August 4, 2008: TEXT

Israeli shift to private security draws fire. Israeli government says that the shift to privatize checkpoints benefits everyone. By Tobias Buck, June 3, 2008: TEXT

Follies rise amid Afghanistan ruins. The Denmark-funded and Asian Development Bank-managed failed project represents a microcosm of the failings of aid to Afghanistan. By Rachel Morarjee and Stephen Fidler, July 13, 2007: TEXT

Iran's Military force finds its wealth under attack. UNSC sanctions to target the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, a military unit with diverse economic interests inside and outside Iran. By Najmeh Bozorgmehr and Gareth Smyth, March 16, 2007: TEXT

Oh! What a lovely war for the security business. ArmorGroup to buy Neil Young Associates kidnap consultancy business. By Jonathan Guthrie, February 21, 2007: TEXT

Bidders line up for coast rescue contracts. The PFI deal to part privatise the UK coastguard to move ahead. By Jean Eaglesham, February 19, 2007: TEXT

Halliburton faces scrutiny over security. The U.S. Army investigation allegations that Halliburton violated the terms of its $16bn logistics contract in Iraq. By Stephanie Kirchgaessner, February 8, 2007:TEXT

Mission Improbable. A tale of multi-million dollar debts, theft, gunshots, car chases, a knife fight, and an abandoned baby. An exploration of the PA Consulting work turning around Georgia's United Energy Distribution Company (UEDC). By Isabel Gorst, November 20, 2006: TEXT

Kroll to sell Iraq and Afghan security unit. The company's chief executive expressed intention to move away from contract work for the U.S. government. By Guy Dinmore and Rebecca Knight, November 2,2006: TEXT

Little-known contractor bids for US army deal. IAP Worldwide Services, owned by Cerberus Capital Management, is bidding to win a portion of LOGCAP. By Stephanie Kirchgaessner, November 1, 2006: TEXT

Security costs threaten oil contractors in Nigeria. Oil and gas industry executives say the additional security costs could slow the completion of projects and affect production. By Dino Mahtani, 1September 16, 2006: TEXT

Military skills to reinforce energy operators in North Sea. Production Services Network seeks former servicemen to fill skills shortages. By Andrew Bolger, August 23, 2006: TEXT

Shell chief in Nigeria security rethink. Royal Dutch Shell has issued tender for about 70 boats to enhance security in the Nigeria Delta region. By Dino Mahtani, Carola Hoyos, and Alison Maitland, May 16, 2006: TEXT

Israelis lend a hand in fight against terror. Suspect Detection Systems's system that assesses physiological and psychological responses via scanners and sensors will go on trial at a West Bank crossing point. By Sharmila Devi, April 13, 2006: TEXT

Qinetiq provides 'blueprint' for sell-offs. The flotation of Qinetiq, the former UK Ministry of Defence research laboratory, could provide a blueprint for future privatizations. By James Boxelland and Nicholas Timmins, February 22, 2006: TEXT

Aerospace engineers in high demand in Gulf. According to a study of 800 listed vacancies by Wynn-with Engineering, a recruitment company, 26 per cent are for jobs in the Gulf, 46 per cent in the UK and 25 per cent in continental Europe. By Peter Spiegel, January 9, 2006: TEXT

Anger at Malacca Strait risk label. Shipowners are taking issue with a risk assessment provided to the Joint War Committee (JWC) of Lloyd's Market Association by Aegis Defence Services, a UK-based security consultancy. By John Burton, August 5, 2005: TEXT

Pirates hold Malacca strait shipping hostage to fortune. Some shipowners have even called in private security to protect their vessels. By Stephen Fidler and Arlen Harris, June 23, 2005: TEXT

Private security contractors are key to making recovery efforts possible in Iraq - Letter to the Editor by Doug Brooks. Although contractors are already subject to a myriad of laws and regulations, International Peace Operations Association members have been seeking to further improve regulation and oversight. May 12, 2005: TEXT

Private armies march into a legal vacuum. A handful of legal cases in the US regarding allegations of contractor abuse in Iraq are beginning to define the legal boundaries under which these companies can operate. By Thomas Catan, February 10, 2005: TEXT

To check for regulation targetting PMC and mercenary activity visit the LEGAL DOCUMENTS page


Fresh Air (Canada)

The Iraq war was the "first privatized war". Private military firms in today's wars. Peter W. Singer interviewed by Terry Gross. Fresh Air, 9 July 2003:



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