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last updated 13-May-2021
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This is our news archive. Find here news articles and special reports focusing on Private Military and/or Security Contractors (companies, firms) and the privatization of security, broadly. This page covers the period of 2010 to today. We generally list free-access articles. If any item interests you, save it or print it before you have to pay for it. URLs change frequently, though the citation given was accurate at the time the item was added to the archive. Please use the menu options below to search for other news media outlets and/or articles published before 2010.
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Le Monde Diplomatique (France)

Mercenaires africains pour guerres américaines. Lorsqu’ils s’engagent dans la « guerre contre le terrorisme » et envoient un nombre croissant de leurs soldats à travers le monde, de l’Irak à l’Afghanistan, les Etats-Unis se heurtent à une difficulté : trouver des combattants. Elle a en outre fait appel à des sociétés de sécurité privées qui elles-mêmes recrutent en Afrique des supplétifs « bons à jeter » après emploi. Par Alain Vicky, mai 2012: TEXT

Repli des pirates en Somalie. Plusieurs dizaines de sociétés militaires privées (SMP), pour la plupart anglo-saxonnes, ont investi ce marché de la protection privée en mer.Par Philippe Leymarie, 25 mai 2012: TEXT (blog)



Los Angeles Times

Obama meets with CEOs to push cyber-security legislation. The meeting in hopes of getting the stalled legislation passed comes a day after intelligence officials warn of the threat to national security. By Ken Dilanian and Jessica Guynn, March 13, 2013: TEXT


Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

South Africa refuses to indulge UN's mercenary probe. The United Nations wants to know what South African mercenaries were doing helping Gaddafi during the civil war in Libya, but our government isn't saying a word. By Nickolaus Bauer, April 10, 2012: click here


The Maritime Executive (US)

Security Contractors Convicted Under New Nigerian Anti-Piracy Law. A Nigerian court has completed its first ever convictions using the nation's new anti-piracy law. August 12, 2020: TEXT



The New York Times

Before Shooting in Iraq, a Warning on Blackwater. The inquiry was abandoned after Blackwater’s top manager there issued a threat: “that he could kill” the government’s chief investigator and “no one could or would do anything about it as we were in Iraq.” By James Risenjune June 29, 2014: TEXT | PICTURE

Obama Order Gives Firms Cyberthreat Information. The order promotes increased information sharing about cyberthreats between the government and private companies that oversee the country’s critical infrastructure. By Michael S. Schmidt and Nicole Perlroth, February 12, 2013: TEXT

After Benghazi (Libya) Attack, Private Security Hovers as an Issue. Only the American Embassies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are exempted from awarding security contracts to the lowest bidder. By James Risen, October 12, 2012: click here

Companies Use Immigration Crackdown to Turn a Profit. Ahandful of multinational security companies have been turning crackdowns on immigration into a growing global industry. By Nina Bernstein, September 28, 2011: click here

Blackwater Successor to Pay Fine to Settle Arms Charges. Academi LLC has agreed to pay a $7.5 million fine to settle charges of arms-sales violations. By Reuters, August 7, 2012: click here

Guardians of Internet Security [ManTech International] Are Targets. By Somini Sengupta, August 4, 2011: click here

Head of French Private Military Company [Pierre Marziali, the president of Secopex] Is Killed in Libyan City. By By Kareem Fahim, May 12, 2011: click here



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