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last updated 18-Aug-2020
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This is our 2000-2010 archive of news articles and special reports focusing on private military and private security issues. We cover the firms sometimes referred to as Private Security Companies by reporters and analysts. Please explore and analyze the debates, controversies, and trends regarding the growing use of private sector firms in areas of conflict, defense, reconstruction, and homeland security in the first decade of the 21st century. To browse more recent articles or a featured theme, please select from the options below.
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Le Monde Diplomatique (France)

Mercenaires d’Etat en Afghanistan. Le ministère américain de la justice a décidé de faire appel de la décision d’un tribunal de relaxer cinq employés de la société militaire privée (SMP) Blackwater qui avaient fait feu sur la foule à Bagdad en septembre 2007. Par Marie-Dominique Charlier, février 2010: TEXT

Ces Gurkhas oubliés de la Couronne britannique. Par Cédric Bosquet, Février 2008:

La guerre en privé. (Le Monde) Par Yves Eudes, 4 Avril 2007:,1-0@2-3218,36-891734@51-767621,0.html

Des aventuriers aux professionnels. Novembre 2004:

Sociétés militaires privées dans le chaos irakien. Par Sami Makki, Novembre 2004:

En Afrique, une nouvelle génération de « chiens de guerre ». Par Philippe Leymarie
Journaliste à Radio France Internationale, Novembre 2004:

Défenses européennes en voie d’externalisation. Par Philippe Leymarie, Novembre 2004:

Activisme militaire de Washington en Afrique. Par Pierre Abramovici, July 2004:

Modernes mercenaires de la sécurité. Par Pierre Conesa, Avril 2003:

Washington et la guerre des « contras ». Les vélléités morales des États-Unis au Nicaragua. Par Sylvie E. Crane, Juin 1985:



Los Angeles Times

Injured war zone contractors fight to get care. They're crucial to U.S. military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, but civilian workers wounded on the job must battle an insurance system marked by long delays and high costs, an investigation finds. By T. Christian Miller and Doug Smith, 17 April 2009: click here

Accept the Blackwater mercenaries. Contractors are a fact of war, but they need stronger oversight. By Max Boot, 3 October 2007: click here

After duty in Iraq, they're back on the beat. LAPD officers who have returned from reservist deployments find parallels and contrasts with their military service in the Mideast.
By Patrick McGreevy, 31 December 2006:,1,1780979.story

Fighting for citizenship. Put foreigners who enlist in the U.S. armed forces on a fast track to naturalization. Op Ed by Max Boot, 12 April 2006:,1,7409366.column?ctrack=1&cset=true

Bombings Bring U.S. 'Executive Mercenaries' Into the Light. The shrouded history of Vinnell Corp. raises questions about its role in privatization of US foreign policy. By William D. Hartung, 16 May 2003:

Looking for companies training foreign armies? Visit the PRIVATE MILITARY COMPANIES directory

U.S. Companies Hired to Train Foreign Armies. By Esther Schrader, 14 April 2002:



Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

Ex-mercenary tells of his five years in a 'living hell.' The jailed member of Simon Mann's bungled 2004 coup in Equatorial Guinea reveals his motives for joining the secret plot. By Tracy McVeigh, June 13, 2010: click here

Fifa World Cup 2010 security boss quits. By Adriaan Basson, 15 August 2009: click here

HIV prevalence in private security industry at 16%. 24 January 2008: click here

Namibia to deport US men for trying to recruit guards. By Rodrick Mukumbira, 15 October 2007: click here

Equatorial Guinea: Too soon to free South Africans. By Dakar, Senegal, 12 October 2006: click here

Anti-mercenary Bill spurs security fears. By Gordon Bell, 17 August 2006: click here

Case of alleged mercenaries postponed to July. 16 January 2006: click here

SA will prosecute eight 'mercenaries'. By Amy Musgrave, 3 June 2005: click here

Private security: A disturbing peace of mind. By Ellen Hollemans, 5 May 2005: click here

Coup plotter surfaces in Zagreb. 28 April 2005: click here

'Mercenary town' to be razed. By Marléne Burger, 4 March 2005: click here

Thatcher answers E Guinea's questions. 18 february 2005: click here

Rent-a-coup: Who's who. By Sam Sole and Stefaans Brümmer. 3 December 2004: click here

The privatisation of war. By Ian Traynor, 15 December 2003: click here

Hiring 'thugs' to keep peace. By Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya, 22 November 2003: click here



New Straits Times (Malaysia)

‘Purely defensive’ role in ship safety. Letter by Alex Duperouzel, Managing director, BARS, 8 August 2005:


The New York Times

Report on Iraq Security Lists 310 Contractors. The report, which includess firms from places as far-flung as Uganda, the Philippines, Cyprus, Romania and the Czech Republic, shows that there are far more companies to track than previously knownBy James Glanz. October 28, 2008: click here

Iraq Spending Ignored Rules, Pentagon Says. By James Glanz, 23 May 2008: click here

Halliburton Unit to Settle in Balkans Case. AP, 30 November 2006: click here

The Other Army. By Daniel Bergner, 14 August 2005:

Need an Army? Just Pick Up the Phone. By Barry Yeoman, 2 April 2004:

America's For-Profit Secret Army. By Leslie Wayne, 13 October 2002:

Threats and Responses : Security; US. Company To Take Over Karzai Safety. By James Dao, 19 September 2002:



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